I am only going to focus my reviews and energies on creators that offer Omega compatible skins or that offer 4 or more skins selections for different vendors of heads. The Second Life skin market is becoming far too focused on Catwa heads, yes, they do make great heads but, so do others.

IF you buy a skin applier from Clef de Peau for your head, be sure to get a skin applier also from Clef de Peau for the body you use. If you do not follow getting the body skin applier and the head skin applier from the same vendor you will end up with a neck line that you can not hide. The various neck “FIXERS” do not work very well in this regard.

Another common issue that helps eliminate the neck line is your Windlight setting. I recommend CalWL for everyone. Then we are all on the same page to eliminate the neck lines if appliers and tones were matched up correctly.