What is it? Why is it important?

Omega is an adapter that allows any Omega compatible head or body or Omega applier to work with the corresponding omega compatible “target”.

For example, if you have a Gianni body, the Omega compatibility is built in. If you buy an Omega Applier skin for a body, you can wear the applier and click on the appropriate button that will apply the skin to your Gianni body. All done. Some heads and some bodies have Omega built in, for others you may have to buy an Omega Relay HUD. These are often available in the store where you bought the head or body, also on the Market Place. You may save some money by visiting the Omega Store in World, where for 99L you may purchase the same Omega relay or installer that sells for up to 299L in other places . You need the Correct Omega relay for your body or for your head.

Omega Relay for Catwa Heads 99L
Omega Installer for Vista Heads 99L
Omega Installer for Nardcotix Body 99L
Omega Installer for Signature Bodies – NO Never needed 

In the following Video I show how to install the Omega installer, then a mesh body and head skin onto the Nardcotix David Body and the Vista Gerard Head.

Installing 7 Deadly Skins Omega Mesh applier to NX-Nardcotix body and Vista Gerard head

Why this matters?

IF you purchase an Omega body applier skin today and next week you buy a different body that is Omega Compatible, you only need to buy the Omega relay for the new body. One Omega Body Skin applier can be applied to every body that you ever own if the new body is Omega compatible. This same idea is true for heads also. Most skin makers are no longer making Omega Compatible skin appliers. The reason is simple. If I make a separate skin applier for each body made, you have to buy one skin applier for each of your bodies. One for your Gianni body, one for your Nardcotix body, one for your Geralt body, one for your Jake body.