Lelutka Stan Head

This was provided as a “Holiday Gift” for free to anyone that took the time to acquire one during the holiday season of 2021.

I am very impressed in many ways with this head. It fits well with the Signature Gianni body. It comes packed with a LOT of extras. Over 80 hairbases in the package. Six skin tones. A Tattoo set for mature and ultra mature looks. The pros far outweigh all but one of the cons.

The Bad… This head does not natively support BoM. This is a bit complicated to explain. Most heads that are Bakes on Mesh enabled will support any skin for any head or most combinational head and body skins that are either old system type skins or new Bakes on mesh type skins. The lelutka head requires an Evo-X type skin for the head.

Conclusion: Given what I didn’t pay for this head I am happy to use it despite it’s one glaring pitfall.