Aesthetic Enzo
a very muscular body and shape that comes in both a pale and a darker ethnic version. If you like to look like you spend a lot of time at the gym this might be your best option. This body also has high resolution textures for the built in skin that are not SLUV based. Because of that Omega skin appliers are not compatible.

Belleza Jake
A body somewhat between the hard body of Aesthetic and the softer look of the Signature Gianni or Signature Geralt bodies.

Nardcotix David
This is a relative new comer to the body choices for men in SL. I really like the way the HUD works and the body is similar to the Jake body or in some ways the Gianni body but the cost is much less. Definitely worth a look.

Signature Gianni
This is by far the most popular of all the men’s bodies in SL. It has a plethora of clothing choices and a wide variety of 3rd party support for add ons and so forth. Geralt may be a great option if you prefer a less muscular look. Support for Omega is built in to the Signature bodies, you do not need a relay.

Slink I am not fond of the Slink body for men, I tried a demo and it did not appeal to me. Your mileage may differ.