Bakes on Mesh (BoM)

Bakes on Mesh is a new feature set that has been added to Second Life.

It allows someone to use a system skin on their mesh body and head.

Allows the use of system clothing on a compatible Bakes on Mesh mesh body.

It also allows up to 62 (subject to some debate what the exact number is) layers of add ons such as tattoos, makeups, hair bases, and so on vs. the prior option of 4 layers.

Reduces lag for everyone by having lower complexity for the same look.

What do you need to use BoM?

  1. Bakes on Mesh compatible Viewer, all the latest ones support BoM now.
  2. A Bakes on Mesh compatible head and body
    A. Some bodies and heads are not ready for BoM yet but offer relays in some cases. Wear the relay when you put the skin on and it works the same as if the body or head were fully BoM.
  3. A skin that is either a System skin from days of old OR a newer Skin that is created for Bakes on Mesh.

Step by Step to use BoM:

  1. Wear your BoM head and body, or the BoM relay for your head and/or body.
  2. Wear a system or BoM skin.
  3. Remove any alpha objects.
  4. You MAY need to wear the alpha for your eyes still if they are not BoM.

Some tips

If you try to wear Bakes on Mesh and you see red blue and yellow bands with labels your viewer is not BoM compatible.

If you wear Bakes on Mesh and your skin is RED, then you have an alpha layer on that needs to be removed.

Signature Bakes on Mesh Bodies (v1.1 as of this writing) are all fully BoM compliant.

For Catwa heads you need to get the Bakes on Mesh relay in the catwa store in the “Free” Gifts section of the catwa store.

For Maitreya Bodies you need to get the Bakes on Mesh relay from the Marketplace for Maitreya.

Some other things of note:

You can wear system clothing WITH your mesh body when you use Bakes on Mesh, some will look great, some not so great.

Also you do not have to have the newest of the NEW BoM skins, system skins will often look just fine, check to see what you may have already and how it looks on your BoM body.

The one drawback that I am aware of is that materials effects for skins will NOT work with BoM at this point.