An Intro

I created this web site to help men better understand the facets of mesh and the choices available to them in Second Life.

Making the transition to mesh from a system or legacy body can be a daunting task for most men in Second Life.  The following are some of my suggestions to help you get started in the transition.

Basic Mesh Items List

  • Mesh Body
  • Bento Mesh Head
  • Bento Enabled AO (optional)
  • Skin applier for Body
  • Skin applier for Head
  • Private parts

The mesh body is like the shell of the body of a car. On a car we could need fenders, Hood, trunk, Door panels, etc. For a body in SL we need the head and the body.

The Mesh skin appliers are like the paint for the body of a car. We need an applier for the head and an applier for the body. Most bento mesh heads and bodies come with a BUILT IN set of appliers and you can save some money IF you buy the alternate applier from the vendor that sold you the head or the body. For example if you buy a Gianni body and a GA.EG head, the head comes with HUGO skins built in. You can buy the HUGO (OMEGA) body appliers at the GA.EG store and apply those to the Gianni body for a perfect match from head to toe. IF you do not get matched skin for both parts of your mesh you will end up with a glaring neck line between the head and the body. This can be covered up a bit using a neck FIXer but it will never look quite right.

  1.  DEMO DEMO DEMO.   Try the DEMO for everything before you buy it.
  2. Get both a bento mesh head and a mesh body.  Walking around with just one of the two is a bad idea.  They do not need to be from the same place, but try the demo head with the demo body before you buy either.
  3. Buy matched skin appliers for both of your body parts.  If you get a skin from Stray Dogs for your head, get the matching skin applier for your body also from Stray Dog.  DEMO these to see what they will look like on YOUR body and head BEFORE you buy them.
  4. Apply the same tone value to both the body and the head.