Performance comparison of Windows to Mint 20.3 linux for Firestorm Viewer

I prefer to use linux Mint 20.3 for my primary Operating System. I have Windows 10 as a secondary on most of my computers. When using Firestorm, there is a dramatic increase in performance on Mint. The increase can be as much as 47% in favor of linux. Another interesting result is that a GTX 1080 8G video card, out performs an RTX 3080 10G video card in these test results in Windows AND Mint. OpenGL is not optimized very well on RTX 30xx GPUs.

Firestorm 6.5.3

Intel i7 8700K with GTX 1060 3G
360 FPS on Windows 11
419 FPS on Mint 20.3
Percentage of difference 15%

AMD 3900X with GTX 1080 8G
468 FPS on Windows 10
760 FPS on Mint 20.3
Percentage of difference 47%

Intel i7 11700KF with RTX 3080
490 FPS on Windows 10
690 FPS on Mint 20.3
Percentage of difference 33%

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